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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Keyboard

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Ever wondered if there’s more to your keyboard than just typing? Well, you’re in for a treat! In this article, we’ll explore five amazing tricks you can do with your keyboard that you probably didn’t know about. 

These handy tips are perfect for computer enthusiasts, gamers, and anyone interested in making the most out of their keyboard

From quick shortcuts to hidden features, you’ll discover new ways to navigate and control your computer with ease. So, let’s dive in and unlock the full potential of your keyboard!

Minimise a Window by Shaking It

Here’s a handy tip for your computer that you might not know. You can minimise a window just by shaking it. It’s really easy. First, click on the top bar of any window you have open. That’s the part where you see the title of the window. Hold down the left mouse button. Then, move the window quickly back and forth. It’s like shaking it.

When you do this, all the other open windows will be minimised. 

This means they’ll get smaller and move to your taskbar. It’s a quick way to clear up your screen and focus on just one window. 

This trick is great when you have lots of things open and need to tidy up fast. Try it next time you’re using your computer. It’s a simple but cool way to manage your windows.

Easy Shortcut to Delete Browser History

Here’s a quick way to delete your browser history without going through all the settings:

  • Shortcut Keys: Just press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL. This simple combination of keys is like a magic wand for your browser history.
  • What Happens Next: As soon as you press these keys, you’ll see the browser history menu. It’s right there, no need to click through different options or settings.
  • Clear Your Tracks Fast: This shortcut is perfect for when you need to clear your browsing history quickly. It’s like having a fast-forward button for your privacy.
  • Works on Most Browsers: The best part? This shortcut works on most web browsers. So, whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, or another browser, these keys should do the trick.

Highlight URLs with F6

Here’s a useful tip for working with URLs in your web browser:

  • Quick Selection: If you need to highlight a long URL in the address bar, don’t drag the mouse across. Just press the F6 key on your keyboard.
  • Instant Highlight: As soon as you hit F6, the entire URL gets selected. It’s like a quick spotlight shining on the web address.
  • Easy Copy or Delete: With the URL highlighted, you can easily copy or delete it. No need to fiddle with the mouse and try to select the whole thing.
  • Saves Time: This shortcut is a real-time-saver, especially if you work with web addresses a lot. It’s quick and hassle-free.

Restart your computer with your keyboard

Do you know that real professionals do everything from their keyboards?

Well, that’s right. The real pros don’t need to use their mousepad or click to get things done. Whether it’s changing tabs or restarting a computer with a keyboard, there are easy shortcuts on your keyboard that let you do anything.

For example, do restart your computer with a keyboard, you can:

For Windows

  • Step 1: Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. This is your first step. It brings up a screen with several options.
  • Step 2: Press Alt + R. This restarts the computer

For macOS

For macOS systems, it’s quite simple. All you need to do is press Control + Command + Power Button, and it instantly restarts your system.

Direct Access to Task Manager

Getting to the task manager on your computer is easier than you might think:

  • Shortcut Key: Instead of pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL, there’s a quicker way. Just use CTRL+Shift+ESC.
  • Immediate Access: When you press these keys, the task manager opens right away. You don’t have to go through any extra screens.
  • Quickly Close Programs: This is useful when a program stops working. You can quickly open the task manager and close the program that’s not responding.
  • Save Time: Using CTRL+Shift+ESC is a time-saver. It gets you to the task manager faster, so you can sort out any issues quickly.

Activate ‘God Mode’

‘God Mode’ is a hidden feature in Windows that’s cool. It lets you control all parts of your computer from one place. Here’s how to activate it:

First, make a new folder anywhere on your computer. Right-click, choose ‘New’, then ‘Folder’. Now, name the folder exactly like this: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. Make sure you copy this name exactly as it is.

Once you’ve named the folder, it changes into a special icon. This is ‘God Mode’. When you open it, you’ll see loads of settings and controls. It’s like having a master key to all the settings on your computer.

In Summary

In this article, we’ve explored five incredible keyboard tricks that enhance your computer experience. From shaking a window to minimise it to a quick way to delete browser history, these tips simplify daily tasks. Highlighting URLs with F6, accessing Task Manager with a shortcut, and activating ‘God Mode’ for control are all easy yet powerful tools. 

These tips are great for anyone wanting to make the most of their keyboard, whether for work, gaming, or general use. So, next time you’re at your computer, try out these tricks and see how they can improve your efficiency and tech know-how!